Guidelines for applicants

This document contains detailed information about the application procedure. We strongly advise you to read it before starting to fill in the Application Form.


A new INSPIRE call will be open September 7th - February 1st 2017.

Please note that due to balances of previous calls, this call is only open for mobilities from EU to South Africa.

For EU nationals this call is open to all master's students and researchers, registered at an EU university, and interested in applying for an exchange. 


Available Scholarships

EU nationals:

  • scholarships of 2 semesters for exchange studies at Master level.
  • scholarships of 6 to 10 months for exchanges at PhD level. Priority will be given to applications for 10 months.
  • scholarships of 6 or 10 months research at Post Doctoral level. Priority will be given to applications to 10 months.

 These comprehensive scholarships will cover the following:

  • Monthly stipend between € 1000-1800;
  • All tuition fees;
  • Health insurance;
  • Travels to and from your study destination.

We urge all applicants to show in their applications one or more instances where you have exhibited the innovation and entrepreneurship that is thematic to the INSPIRE Project and you will receive an additional 10 % in the evaluation of your application.


General Eligibility Criteria for this call

In order to be eligible for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship under the INSPIRE Project all applicants must fulfill the following general criteria:

  • be a national of an EU member state
  • have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction
  • can not have benefited in the past from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship for the same type of mobility
  • for an exchange mobility, the applicant has to be an enrolled student or researcher at a Higher Education Institution (HEI) the EU;

Please note that in addition to these criteria there may be additional requirements defined internally with each respective partner institution of the INSPIRE project. It is therefore strongly recommended that the applicants belonging to a partner or associate institution prepare their application with both the general elibility criteria and, in their existence, any internal requirements together with the contact person of their home institution.
Contact details for the respective institutions of the INSPIRE project can be found in the 'Contacts' section above.


Recognition of Studies

All exchange students at graduate and doctorate levels (non-degree seeking at the host institution) will have full academic recognition of the activities undertaken in the foreign country and concluded with a passing grade. This means that the time spent abroad will be formally considered by the home institution as part of the course in which the student is enrolled at the home institution. Academic recognition is mandatory within the scope of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 programme and all partner and associate institutions have committed to accept it.

Tools have been developed by the partnership to assure that recognition is done in a fair and transparent way. Before the start of the mobility period, every student will need to agree with the academic coordinators at home and host institution the plan of activities to be undertaken, and formally establish that plan as well as the way recognition will be done. In order to do so, an Academic Recognition Agreement will be signed by all parts.
At the end of the mobility period, the host institution will issue a Transcript of Records with information on all the courses taken and grades achieved by the student. Through the ECTS system or a compatible system for credits and grades transfer, the activities will be officially recognised by the home institution.


Application Form

Application - Word version (.doc)

This form expects to be an easy and simple way to prepare your application, allowing you to introduce progressively the details and information required.
You must start creating your application form by setting your USER and PASSWORD. From the beginning, you have to choose the type of scholarship for which you want to receive the support of the Programme.

Before starting to fill in the Application Form, you must be sure of having all the certificates and language skills required to attend the sought programmes(s) and the institution(s).

If an applicant submits more than one application, the system will automatically consider the most recent one.